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Iso-Cup - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup - Herbie's Audio Lab


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Herbie's Iso-Cups are formulated to address vibration problems unique to audio amplifiers, such as transformer vibration, tube sensitivity, and proximity of microphonics-sensitive capacitors to chassis vibrations, to bring out more of the amplifiers' inherent dynamics. Although Iso-Cups are particularly effective with open-chassis tube amplifiers, they provide superb isolation and decoupling for other audio and video components also, both tube and solid-state.

Iso-Cups maintain a linear frequency response with full-bodied dynamics and texture, punctual bass, intricate highs, smooth dynamics with plenty of punch and detail. Isolates amplifier-borne vibrations from penetrating the audio rack to contaminate the sonic integrity of other components, and vice-versa.

Black Iso-Cup: Custom hard silicone formulation brings out the best potential in amplifiers weighing 50 pounds or more (22.7 kg) up to 300 pounds (136 kg). Use Clear Iso-Cups (scroll down) for amps weighing less than 50 pounds.

Clear Iso-Cup: Pillowy soft, platinum-cured silicone reduces glare, fuzz, sibilance, and artificial harshness caused by micro-vibrations. Synergistically complementary Lampblack Ball (lampblack-filled lime glass) provides microdynamic speed that Clear Iso-Cup alone would not achieve. For amplifiers weighing less than 50 pounds (22.7 kg). For heavier amps, use Black Iso-Cups (above).

Iso-Cups can be used either in sets of three or four per component.

Dimensions: Iso-Cup and 1" ball, 1.5" wide by 1.4" tall.


Lampblack Balls when paired with black Iso-Cups tend to be the most revealing and very sonically neutral, with full-bodied dynamics and texture, deeply extended, punctual bass, intricate highs, and an overall balanced presentation.

Gabon ebony tends to deliver its most profound effects in the upper mids, bringing out the best tonal qualities, great extension of note decay and smooth harmonics, while at the same time maintaining rapid definition of detail and dynamics. Gabon ebony is not particularly strong in the lower mids/bass, but has very deep linear extension going very low into the sub frequency range.

Frosted acrylic delivers deep, punctual bass, plenty of punch and dynamics with intricate detail, neutral tone/timbre, superb high-frequency extension, and well-delineated soundstage. When paired with Frosted Clear Iso-Cups, sound is similar to Lampblack balls with black Iso-Cups, being very sonically neutral and overall balanced.