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Cone/Spike Puckies - Herbie's Audio Lab
Cone/Spike Puckies - Herbie's Audio Lab
Cone/Spike Puckies - Herbie's Audio Lab

Cone/Spike Puckies

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Herbie's Cone/Spike Puckies are great for turntable feet, Black Diamond Racing Cones and other cones having rounded points. Provide intimate "grounding" of cone and spike vibrations and a superb decoupling/isolation interface on shelves and bare floors. Micro-vibration blocking dBNeutralizer base is bonded to your choice of three disk metals:

  • Brass: Traditional audio standard because of easy machinability and low cost. Default recommendation for most applications.
  • Stainless Steel: Economical alternative to titanium.
  • Titanium: The ultimate for sonic neutrality, linearity and taming of glare.

1" wide by 5/16" tall (25.4mm x 7.9mm).

  • Extra-Thick version available for extra macro-vibration duty like footfall issues. .44" tall (9.8mm).

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James S.
United States


I haven’t tried the Puckies yet,I’m waiting the arrival of a new equipment stand.The cups that came with my Audio Points were totally useless,they were flat with no indentation.They also had no insulation.The Puckies should be much better.I’m curious how the titanium Puckies will sound. Jamie Steiwer

Chiat N.
United States

Cone/spike puckies under rack

These are strikingly effective under my main audio rack.The rack is an already very good Zoethecus unit fitted with SRA shelves, and where resonance control is concerned more isn’t always better; but in this case it was. On my wood floor adding these pucks clarified, deepened, and filled out the sound in a very satisfying way. Piano recordings in particular became more believable. Incidentally I had previously used cone/spike gliders under the rack and these were very good too, but I would say if you don’t need to slide the furniture then definitely choose the puckies.

Jeff D.
United States

Great value - Low cost tweak

Recently added a Furman power line conditioner to my system which cleaned up most of the periodic (interference) distortion, however there was still some muddiness in the bass. The addition of the pucks beneath the the spikes of my Vandersteen 2CEs was all it took take care of the improved the soundstage a bit too.