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General Business Terms

Confidentiality and Privacy Statement: Herbie's Audio Lab (hereafter referred to also as "Merchant") will not disclose Cardholder information to third parties, other than Bank's or Merchant's agents for the purposes of assisting the Merchant in completing a Card transaction or as specifically required by law. In the event that Merchant's business fails or otherwise ceases to process, any database containing Cardholder's personal information, Card numbers, or other transaction information cannot be considered an asset of the business and subsequently sold or disclosed to a third party. Merchant will immediately notify Bank if a loss of transaction information is experienced or otherwise suspects that the information may have been compromised and to assist Bank with investigation of the loss.

The above conditions apply also to e-mail addresses, which will not be made available to any third party.

Online Security: All credit card transactions are processed through a secure SSL gateway. Credit card records processed through the Shopping Cart via PayPal are purged when an order is processed (upon checkout), so that no credit card information remains on file.

Shipping Costs: Default Shopping Cart shipping costs may be adjusted to reflect actual shipping costs.

60-day Trial Period: Any Merchant's products returned to Merchant, postage paid, within 60 days of the purchase date will receive a complete refund of the purchase price, including any original taxes, excluding shipping charges or any shipping costs incurred by Merchant, with the exception of any product that has been deliberately altered, cut, or mutilated, and one-of-a-kind special orders made to customer's specifications. Products purchased with a credit card will have a credit refunded to the purchaser's credit card account. If the purchaser's credit card account is no longer active, the refund will be mailed to the purchaser with a business check drawn from the Merchant's business checking account. Returns of products originally purchased via PayPal accounts will be refunded back to the purchaser's PayPal account with no transaction fee deducted. After the 60-day trial period, at Merchant's discretion, Merchant may accept returns for partial refund or for credit toward new purchases. Any product that has been deliberately altered, cut, or mutilated will be denied any refund consideration unless approved by Merchant in advance.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty: All Merchant's products are sold with an unconditional lifetime warranty. If any product fails to perform satisfactorily, it may be returned to Merchant, postage paid. Merchant will repair or replace the product and return it to the customer, postage paid. No proof of original purchase is required. If product cannot be repaired and is no longer available, original purchase price credit will be given towards purchase of any other product available from Herbie's Audio Lab.

Coupons: Except by special arrangement with the Merchant, only one Shopping Cart Coupon may be used per order.

Exchange/Upgrade: During first 60 days after purchase, returned items will have 100% of original value towards exchange or upgrade (except any product that has been deliberately altered, cut, or mutilated). After 60-day trial period, exchanged or returned items may receive partial credit value, at Merchant's discretion, towards purchase of other Herbie's Audio Lab products.

Trial Substitution: Herbie's Audio Lab may send substitute products at no cost for trial if original product does not perform satisfactorily. If the original product is returned for a refund and the substitute product kept, Merchant may charge the customer full price for the substitute product against the original purchase refund.

Quantity Discount Partial Returns: For discount purchases based on quantity, Merchant may deduct the discount amount from refund of partial product returns if the remainder (kept portion) of the order no longer qualifies for the original conditions of quantity discount.

E-Mail List: All client e-mails are confidential and will not be traded, sold, or available to any third party in any manner. Herbie's Audio Lab may from time to time send a Newsletter, Holiday greetings, or other e-mail only to our client list. A "client" is any person who has purchased a product from Herbie's Audio Lab or who has opted-in to our newsletter/e-mail list. Sending an e-mail or mailform inquiry or comment does not establish "client" status or inclusion to a mailing list. A client may request at any time to opt-out of our e-mail list. All mailings sent from our client e-mail list contain an easy opt-out link.

Legal Responsibility Disclaimer: We’re sure you’ll find a lifetime of usefulness and enjoyment with your Herbie’s Audio Lab products. The products, materials and services of Herbie’s Audio Lab or affiliates are sold to standard conditions of sale, which are included on our Web site or available on request. Although any information, recommendations or advice is given in good faith, no guarantee is expressed or implied that certain, specific results will be obtained under end-use conditions.

Each user bears the full responsibility for making their own determination as to the suitability of Herbie’s Audio Lab materials, products, services, recommendations or advice for their own particular purpose. Because actual use and application of products by the user is beyond the control of Herbie’s Audio Lab, such use is within the exclusive responsibility of the user, and Herbie’s Audio Lab and/or affiliates cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through incorrect or faulty use of the products, or incompatibility with user’s components. Although it is impossible to test every item under every possible condition or application, all Herbie’s Audio Lab products have been comprehensively tested and found to be safe and environmentally friendly under a broad range of operating conditions.

International Shipments: To keep costs low, we use standard postal First-Class Mail for international shipments. We (Herbie's Audio Lab) cannot guarantee the integrity of every country's postal system, and therefore we accept no responsibility for success or failure of foreign deliveries. Herbie's Audio Lab will keep on file a postal receipt and shipping label for each international package sent, as proof of delivery to the postal system. 

Herbie's Audio Lab will ignore and refuse any request to falsify Customs Declaration information on international shipments.


Robert Herbelin
Herbie's Audio Lab