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Herbie's Fat Dot - Herbie's Audio Lab
Herbie's Fat Dot - Herbie's Audio Lab

Herbie's Fat Dot

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This firm yet loosely crosslinked material is formulated specifically for blocking mechanical soundwave energies. Wide footprint gets a good grip and provides excellent lateral stability. Each Big Fat Dot supports and isolates from five to more than 200 pounds (90kg).

Big Fat Dot is 1-5/16" (33.3mm) diameter by 1/4" (6.4mm) thick. Perfect for floor-standing speakers, monitors, loudspeaker and stand decoupling, module decoupling, subwoofer, electrostatics, amplifier platforms, equipment racks.

Other sizes:

Small Fat Dot: 3/4" dia. x 1/4" thick

Square Fat Dot: 1.06" square x 1/4" thick

X-Large Fat Dot: 1.5" dia. x 1/4" thick

Giant Fat Dot: 1.75" dia. x 3/8" thick

Big, Small, Square, and X-Large Fat Dots are the same thickness and can be mixed and matched, or stacked, for unique applications. Use only as an interface between broad, flat surfaces (for use between spike and flat surface, use Herbie's Decoupling Glider or Cone/Spike Isolation Bases. For use on carpet, use Herbie's Fat Gliders.)

Fat Dots are not weight-specific. The major factor is the amount of vibration-blocking "beef" involved. Because of the wide variation of vibrational environments Fat Dots may be employed in, specific recommendations are not always possible. Various Fat Dot sizes have a lot of overlap in their capacities, so choosing between them in many cases in not critical. Standard Big Fat Dots, however, have proven to be particularly effective throughout a wide range of vibrational circumstances and loudspeaker types. Square Fat Dots are very popular as an isolation and decoupling interface between monitor speakers and stands (four under each speaker cabinet is recommended).

Adhesive: Monitor speakers often sit on small stand plates, causing a potential for a speaker being accidently bumped off the stand. Blue Tac is a common remedy. Though achieving some isolation benefit, this material induces some linear compromises, sonically falling significantly short compared to Fat Dots.

dBNeutralizer Fat Dots are available with a mild pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to one side or both. Though this unique adhesive makes only a moderately strong bond compared to conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives, Dots can be difficult to remove if adhered via both sides because getting adequate leverage can be difficult. When separated, the adhesive layer might remain on the stand or speaker instead of the Fat Dot, though the adhesive layer and Dot can usually be repositioned quite easily. Adhesive on one side only is recommended whenever appropriate.

Sticky Big Fat Dot and Sticky Square Fat Dot are the same as Fat Dots above (6.4mm thick), with the added adhesive not increasing overall thickness significantly.

All Fat Dots are sold individually, not as a set.


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United States United States
I recommend this product


Having outfitted all components with tender feet and supersonic stabilizers as well as Dots for speakers and stands isolation , I am very happy with all products and how well they work together to tighten up my system . Recommend trying without hesitation .

Ronald G.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Square Fat Dots under KEF LS50s

It should be obvious that different products deliver varying results under different circumstances, but it's still worthwhile investing in quality, even if your use cases (components, listening room) change. I had 8 Square Fat Dots hiding in my Big Canvas Tote Bag of Audio Stuff, and decided to compare them to IsoAcoustics IsoPuck Minis under my speakers in my new apartment. I already was using Herbie's Gliders with Solidsteel SS-6 stands filled with granulated stone from Michael's (hobby store chain). The Gliders replaced the IsoAcoustics GAIA III feet that had worked extremely well under a different stand in a different room with different speakers, and bettered the GAIAs significantly with my current setup in my current room. Short version: The Square Fat Dots delivered a significant improvement over the IsoPuck Minis in this room -- enabling improved depth and clarity of bass response, revealing previously unheard instruments and voices (especially in close harmonies), and snapping images into place. I think (but cannot know for sure) that my floor here is more rigid than at my last place, and that the IsoAcoustics products may have been the right solution for an apartment with a more vibration-prone floor. But in this unit, the Herbie's products are delivering a superior "last mile" of vibration attenuation that has allowed my speakers to realize much more of their potential. Highly Recommended.

Greg M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Holy Smokes!

I have always been a blu-tack guy who subscribed to the practice of coupling the speaker to a sturdy, sand filled heavy stand. I still think it's a much better way to go than using something like felt footers. I was skeptical about de-coupling but have been using that method on all of my components with the NASA grade material found in Audio Prism's Iso Bearings. That stuff really works. It isn't hokus pokus; the little rubber looking balls squish in your hands like hard rubber but when you toss them at the ground with aplomb (sorry, couldn't help myself) they stop dead with a thud- no bounce at all thus absorbing 99.9% of the vibration but I digress, it's Herbie's Small Fat Dot we're talking about here.. 3 under each speaker and I couldn't believe the enormous improvement! Everything got better; bass, focus, the air and the sense of atmosphere, on and on. These things are dynamite! My Klipsch RP600M's have never sounded more alive. Highly recommended with a passion!

Terry L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Herbie's Fat Dots

Used these on a pair of Wharfedale Linton Heritage Limited Edition speakers and their stands. These replaced the stock footers provided by Wharfedale to go between the speaker and the top of the stand. Much improved clarity/transparency, micro-details, and tightened up bass response. Good stuff, for very little money! Terry London: Senior Staff reviewer for Stereo Times website

United States United States
I recommend this product

Must have for stand mount speakers

I recently upgraded my 2 way bookshelf speakers stands from inexpensive Omnimount to Skyland stands, and the improvement was dramatic in bass and midrange clarity. That was with the included clear rubber dots. Then I added these square fat dots and the improvement was just as dramatic. Low bass extension, definition, imaging, more realistic timbre. Now I hear the artist and the music instead of just sounds that resemble music. These are a must have for stand mount speakers.

Jason L.
Japan Japan
I recommend this product

Completely Satisfied

Little Fat Dots and Little Fat Gliders arrived here n good time (to Japan) and in good order. I’m using the Little Fat Dots under a pair of Spendors and both acoustically and mechanically they work really well. The Little Fat Gliders will be used under a pair of vintage, heavy Tannoys, but, as an experiment, I tried a set under an eighties era Sansui integrated amp and they almost completely resolved a noticeable 60Hz hum. I know where I’ll turn for future isolation needs. Thanks.

Mike T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fat Dots work great!

I’m using the fat dots with my Sound Anchor stands, and they’re a big improvement over the blue dots that were included. The fat dots were very worthwhile and I’m happy to have them in my studio!

Ian W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Worth their weight in gold

Herbie's Fat Dots have done wonders for the sound of my JBL 4312 Monitors. Unlike previous "squishy" pads I was using, the Fat Dots have brought out more clarity without killing the bass. Plus they stack up nicely so I could get the speakers at just the right angle.

United States United States
I recommend this product

yes, the fat dots work!

These are my first purchase from Herbie’s and there’s a very nice improvement, The presentation is cleaner, more “tuneful” with an improvement in imaging as well. As a result, I’ve ordered the Fat Grounding Bases and the brass Cone/Spike Puckies. Can hardly wait!

Nick N.
Canada Canada

Herbie's Fat Dots

I moved into an old house and put my stereo in the living room. In this space, whenever the music had low bass and drum tones, the floor would vibrate and there unwanted overtones around the room. I managed to alleviate it somewhat by putting small MDF blocks under the speakers, but putting the Fat Dots eliminated all the unwanted room noise. Now the double bass on Jazz albums and CDs could reach those big, low notes and breathe freely. Bass drum and floor toms resonated properly. That deep lower layer of music could finally be heard. I'm happy with the Fat Dots and highly recommend them.

Billy C.
United States United States


Wow, these Fat Dot work great! I used them in place of Blue Tac on wrought iron open stands with my new Harbeth speakers (shl 5 XD Speakers Base was much better. Everything improved. I’m using the adhesive on one side, the Speaker are easy to remove. Very pleased with the purchase One side. The speaker are easy to remove

Harry P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fat dots: detail without sacrificing body

Compared with spikes, these have slightly more detail, but a much more vivid and full-bodied sound, but without boominess/flub. All the body, none of the mud.