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Little Fat Glider

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Herbie's dBNeutralizer Fat Dot with Magic Slider provides mobility and superb "Fat Dot" decoupling on almost any kind of smooth floor or thin, unpadded carpet. With extra-thick dBNeutralizer pad and smooth polymer bottom, Little Fat Glider achieves a superior level of sonic perfection. Superb for loudspeakers and cabinets weighing up to about 100 pounds (45kg) on bare or thinly carpeted floor. When used for stationary support only, four Little Fat Gliders will support and isolate loudspeakers up to 200 pounds, audio racks/cabinets up to 500 pounds or more.

Available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Recommended to support broad, flat surfaces only; not for use under spikes.

Dimensions: 1-3/8" diameter by 1/2" high.

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Stephen C.
United States United States
These are excellent and the perfect solution to what I was looking for

The title says it all. My new Klipsch reference speakers were too heavy to move in and out of their locations with no room on either side when I needed to get behind them. These dodads did the trick! Now they slide quite easily while remaining firmly on the floor.

Hank D.
United States United States
Little Fat Gliders taming my Dynaudios

These little guys are on duty isolating energetic Dyns from my loft flabby wood floor. When I'm finished near field listening, the pads allow speakers to easily slide back up against the wall... faster than Derek Jeter stealing a base. Spikes can be a pain in the neck.

Michael C.
United States United States
Perfect solution

Allowed me to easily work thru the best position for my speakers and improved the tightness of the music.

Richard M.
United States United States
Little Fat Gliders work well

After having a great experience with decoupling gliders on the stands for my main speakers, I decided to try some little fat gliders on my old NHT 2.3 tower speakers which have been repurposed for our basement. Adding the gliders to some outriggers I fabricated helped remove a low midrange resonance and also provided at least the perception of a clearer top end. And the speakers are much easier to move to optimize placement!

Denis G.
Canada Canada
Little Fat Gliders

Great product and great service.

Pope m.
United States United States
Little Fat Glider

Perfect size for ma audio rack. Well isolated. Great product

Herbie's Audio Lab Little Fat Glider Review
Vincent C.
Australia Australia
Wow!!! Just wow. Thank you

I don't usually do online reviews but I am so impressed with these, I really want to write a review. I moved to my new house and my living room is on the 1st floor. I removed my floor standing speakers spikes because I have polished timber floor. My system sounded really bad with no bass at all and really rough sounding. At first I thought it was my room acoustics. Then I read about decoupling devices for speakers for situation like mine. I thought I'll give the "Little Fat Glider" a go and if I get marginal improvement, I'll be happy. Installation is straight forward. My speakers now sounding better than ever. Bass is back and it's both tight and extended. Lots of details in mid range but still sounding very natural and smooth. Basically, my speakers can finally perform properly and I can enjoy music again. I would highly recommend Little Fat Glider.

Robert W.
Canada Canada
Eating Vrow with Little Fat Gliders

I was all but convinced these would make roughly zero difference to the sound of my speakers. I previously had some bass issues in my room and had recently treated the acoustics, including bass traps. Made a huge difference but there was still a nasty resonance at one particular frequency. Repeatable every time on a couple of tracks. With the Fat Gliders it is completely gone and there is more clarity across the bass range. It's not an OMG difference, but it's very apparent and I'm super pleased with the benefits so far.

Thurston H.
United States United States
little flat gliders

excellent product, I have bought dozens of them, I have a suspension floor and they decouple my speakers and subs from the floor perfectly, I now have no vibration in my floor, my bass is much tighter and well defined

Roland Z.
Switzerland Switzerland
Very satisfied

My speakers have never sounded so good. And as a bonus, they can be moved very easily. Happy wife;-)

Ric G.
United States United States
Good purchase

The Little Fat Gliders work fine on my Directstream Jr. and seem to be a fair price as well.

Manos Z.
Little Fat Gliders for my speakers

I received the Gliders within the week nicely packed! I removed the four SS spikes on my floor standing speakers for the first time and placed three Little Fat Gliders under each speaker. I was positively surprised with the result! There was more definition and speed in the bass, the midrange came slightly forward and some harshness in the highs was gone. A good and affordable upgrade.

Herbie's Audio Lab Little Fat Glider ReviewHerbie's Audio Lab Little Fat Glider ReviewHerbie's Audio Lab Little Fat Glider Review