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Super Black Hole CD Mat

Super Black Hole CD Mat

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With super-thin carbon fiber top and soft silicone on the bottom, the Super Black Hole improves the best features of the best CD mats and takes disc playback to a new plateau of high performance. By reducing micro-vibration in the CD spin during playback, laser-reading error is potentially reduced. (Error correction in audio CD discs is not perfect; it is algorithm-based "guessing," not binary like in data CDs). By damping the disc/clamp interface, micro-vibrations generated by spinning discs are hindered, keeping them from permeating throughout the player where capacitors, op-amps, micro-processors, and other sensitive parts can be adversely affected. In-house testing with original (discontinued) Black Hole CD Mat indicates much of the audible improvement is due to improved ambient soundwave phase relations.

Unlike conventional carbon-fiber CD mats that slide around on discs, The Super Black Hole stays put until you remove it. While the Millennium CD mat does a great job sonically, it sometimes lacks compared to the full-spectrum dynamics provided by the Super Black Hole. A firm, intimate contact works better than a disc just laying on top, plus the silicone layer adds superior vibration-absorbing ability. We discovered years ago that a smaller mat that simply addresses the clamping/disc interface and hub area of the CD provides superior results.

The Super Black Hole does not use adhesive, so it can be perpetually transferred from one disc to another–forever! The rigid carbon fiber layer keeps the mat flat and firm.

Herbie's hand-made Super Black Hole is compatible with most drawer-loading and top-loading CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray players (not recommended for horizontal or vertical slot-loaders or computer drives).

2" diameter (50.8mm) by .025" (0.64mm) thick. Weight: 0.8 gram (0.03 oz.)

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Michael R.
United States
I recommend this product

A worthwhile tweak

Results are clearly evident on many CDs.

Paul B.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Uneffingbelievable! Yesterday, I was checking to see what the refund policy is. Now I’m listening to noticeably better sound and trying to figure out how this little piece of nothing can make such a difference. I’ve heard of confirmation bias. I had the opposite. I was openly mocking it—and, by extension, myself—last week. “Carbon fiber. Good thing that it’s made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber’s purpose in life is to be light and strong. Weight is it’s raison d’accord. But the SBH is the size of a silver dollar. It would make no difference if it was made out of lead. I guess it’s hard to charge $35 for a piece of lead.” I still find that argument fairly convincing. But who cares? IT WORKS! If you were in Brooklyn yesterday, you could have made some money because I would have happily bet against the SBH. Now I’m ready to nominate Herbie for a Nobel Prize. Do you have to go to Sweden?

United States United States
I recommend this product

Solved my problem

Have had "skipping" problems with CD's for quite some time--tried all the suggestions to curb the problem. After mixed reviews for this product I tried it with some trepidation. This simple device has completely eliminated the problem--with no sonic interference that I have been able to determine with repeated comparisons. I would recommend this product!

Spain Spain
I recommend this product

Super, indeed

I just got my second Super Black Hole CD Mat. The first one is wonderful and in use, but I already misplaced it twice, so I got scared about losing it. That big is the improvement; I don't want to listen to my CDs without it if I can avoid it. The difference is palpable in both my lowly but fantastic exposure XM and my fancier Marantz SA-10. All the good stuff in the music is better regardless of what I listen to, so I will dispense you from the usual audiophile blabber. So much improvement for so little.

Chris O.
United States United States

Another Nice Add-On From Herbie’s

Nice product. Easy to install/remove and cooperates with my Marantz CD-67SE transport.

Rudolf H.
Germany Germany
I recommend this product

Best CD Mat on the market

The Super Black Hole CD Mat is a fantastic tool to improve the sound. All Naim CD Player owners should have it. Really Great.

Anthony S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

super black hole cd mat

again ROBERT another great product my rega saturn started to skip its 15yrs old the super black hole cd mat stopped it on the spot took out even more vibration sounds even better thanks again A+.

Greg J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Herbie's CD mat a winner

On my system this mat makes CDs sound so much better. The soundstage unveiled with better detail, crisper mids and tighter deeper bass. Some CDs were more noticeable than others. No joke! This works to my amazement.

United States United States

Robert stands with his products.

My Super Black hole (see my feedback below—2/2/21) suffered a career ending injury shortly after I started using it. A quick email to Robert and a free replacement was soon on its way—no questions asked! And this was during Texas' winter of winter's, days without power and water. Robert stood with his product and made me a very satisfied customer. Thank you sir! Service beyond all expectations!

Italy Italy

Great little mat

It took more than one month to arrive in italy with the cheaper shipment but honestly i didn t expect an improvement like the one i heard with this little mat. I gave my 20 years old rotel cd player the last chance to stay in my stereo with this mat, already thinking of a new cd player to buy. After i used the black hole mat there was a realism , clarity and presence i ve never heard before on my cd, just what i m looking for when i listen to music, its presence in the room that feels like you could touch it when it s playing. My old rotel rcd951 will remain in the chain for longer. Thanks!!

United States United States

It works, and it IS better than expected!

I've had mine for 2 days, and every disc sounds better with the Black Hole. Some improve a lot, some less so. The improvement is a heightened clarity—less smearing of individual notes, cleaner bass, and an overall boost of fine detail. It's like listening to a person talk without their COVID-19 mask on!

Neil S.
United States United States

Great to do business with!!

I have bought several things and have always been happy with the service.