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Super Black Hole CD Mat

Super Black Hole CD Mat

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With super-thin carbon fiber top and soft silicone on the bottom, the Super Black Hole improves the best features of the best CD mats and takes disc playback to a new plateau of high performance. By reducing micro-vibration in the CD spin during playback, laser-reading error is potentially reduced. (Error correction in audio CD discs is not perfect; it is algorithm-based "guessing," not binary like in data CDs). By damping the disc/clamp interface, micro-vibrations generated by spinning discs are hindered, keeping them from permeating throughout the player where capacitors, op-amps, micro-processors, and other sensitive parts can be adversely affected. In-house testing with original (discontinued) Black Hole CD Mat indicates much of the audible improvement is due to improved ambient soundwave phase relations.

Unlike conventional carbon-fiber CD mats that slide around on discs, The Super Black Hole stays put until you remove it. While the Millennium CD mat does a great job sonically, it sometimes lacks compared to the full-spectrum dynamics provided by the Super Black Hole. A firm, intimate contact works better than a disc just laying on top, plus the silicone layer adds superior vibration-absorbing ability. We discovered years ago that a smaller mat that simply addresses the clamping/disc interface and hub area of the CD provides superior results.

The Super Black Hole does not use adhesive, so it can be perpetually transferred from one disc to another–forever! The rigid carbon fiber layer keeps the mat flat and firm.

Herbie's hand-made Super Black Hole is compatible with most drawer-loading and top-loading CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray players (not recommended for horizontal or vertical slot-loaders or computer drives).

2" diameter (50.8mm) by .025" (0.64mm) thick. Weight: 0.8 gram (0.03 oz.)

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Jerry S.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Works as many reviewers already stated. More analog like. You hear much more detail and it makes CD listening less fatiguing. Great product. I’m insisting my friends try it also. Thanks!

Brandon F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

More Life-like

Very pleased with this. Was not expecting as much of a change as there was. Recordings become more 3D and life-like with a better soundstage. Will be buying a second as a gift for a friend.

Herbie's Audio Lab Super Black Hole CD Mat Review
David T.
I recommend this product

Immediate improvement

I will never play my CDs without your CD mat ever again. The level of improvement is on par with cleaning up power source or major cable upgrades. Especially noticeable is the level of realism and presence in live recordings. Currently I’m using a Philips LHH2000 and I’m nowhere close to done with CD format yet.

United States United States
I recommend this product


Need some help??

Joe E.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Don't be fooled -Yes it works !!!

Just received the Super Black Hole CD mat. I've used Herbie's dampers on my tube headphone amp and there was a subtle yet VERY positive change so thought I'd try this cd mat. I thought my 2 headphone systems were 'musical' and revealing ( Esoteric, Burson, Wyred for Sound and Abyss and Trafomatic, Sennheiser, ) but this little darlin' takes everything to a new level !!! It takes me into 'listening to the MUSIC " rather than the components !!You know there is "something happening" when you start pulling out cd's and wanting to see 'how this one sounds !!!" And after all isn't this what we all want? Herbie you've done it again. No "snake oil " here.

Alex H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Not in use

I have not figure out as how to put mats on to CD player

Richard V.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Makes a difference

Despite skeptics who, without hearing the disc, poo poo it, this device really works. There is an increase in clarity and body. I highly recommend it.

Herbie's Audio Lab Super Black Hole CD Mat Review
magnus k.
Sweden Sweden
I recommend this product

Super black hole cd mat

Gave the music a cleaner backround and more air around instruments, more precise and live sounding. Great product.

Alan R.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Super Black Hole CD Mat

This is a great product and it has already made a useful improvement. The things I immediately noticed was that the sound became a little less forward and a bit calmer and more natural. And the improvement appears to be increasing with running in time. Good value for money and a definite thumbs up from me.

Randy G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Bang For The Buck

I have a number of accessories which supplement my core Hi Fi components.By far the "biggest for the buck" is the Super Black Hole CD Mat ( it results in greater detail, dimensionality and warmth.) I purchased a few more mats after my initial introduction to them !

Michael R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A worthwhile tweak

Results are clearly evident on many CDs.

Paul B.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Uneffingbelievable! Yesterday, I was checking to see what the refund policy is. Now I’m listening to noticeably better sound and trying to figure out how this little piece of nothing can make such a difference. I’ve heard of confirmation bias. I had the opposite. I was openly mocking it—and, by extension, myself—last week. “Carbon fiber. Good thing that it’s made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber’s purpose in life is to be light and strong. Weight is it’s raison d’accord. But the SBH is the size of a silver dollar. It would make no difference if it was made out of lead. I guess it’s hard to charge $35 for a piece of lead.” I still find that argument fairly convincing. But who cares? IT WORKS! If you were in Brooklyn yesterday, you could have made some money because I would have happily bet against the SBH. Now I’m ready to nominate Herbie for a Nobel Prize. Do you have to go to Sweden?