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Super Black Hole CD Mat

Super Black Hole CD Mat

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With super-thin carbon fiber top and soft silicone on the bottom, the Super Black Hole improves the best features of the best CD mats and takes disc playback to a new plateau of high performance. By reducing micro-vibration in the CD spin during playback, laser-reading error is potentially reduced. (Error correction in audio CD discs is not perfect; it is algorithm-based "guessing," not binary like in data CDs). By damping the disc/clamp interface, micro-vibrations generated by spinning discs are hindered, keeping them from permeating throughout the player where capacitors, op-amps, micro-processors, and other sensitive parts can be adversely affected. In-house testing with original (discontinued) Black Hole CD Mat indicates much of the audible improvement is due to improved ambient soundwave phase relations.

Unlike conventional carbon-fiber CD mats that slide around on discs, The Super Black Hole stays put until you remove it. While the Millennium CD mat does a great job sonically, it sometimes lacks compared to the full-spectrum dynamics provided by the Super Black Hole. A firm, intimate contact works better than a disc just laying on top, plus the silicone layer adds superior vibration-absorbing ability. We discovered years ago that a smaller mat that simply addresses the clamping/disc interface and hub area of the CD provides superior results.

The Super Black Hole does not use adhesive, so it can be perpetually transferred from one disc to another–forever! The rigid carbon fiber layer keeps the mat flat and firm.

Herbie's hand-made Super Black Hole is compatible with most drawer-loading and top-loading CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray players (not recommended for horizontal or vertical slot-loaders or computer drives).

2" diameter (50.8mm) by .025" (0.64mm) thick. Weight: 0.8 gram (0.03 oz.)

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Russell B.
United States United States
Awash in CD tuning mats

Hi! Picture all of these mats: Aurex, Marigo Ultimate Signature, your Super Black Hole. Here, my goal is clarity and naturalness in full orchestra recordings. The ONE making the largest stride towards that goal is the Super Black Hole (vibration mitigation), followed closely by the Aurex(light absorption). Together, their effect was synergistically, amazingly positive! So first the Super Black Hole topped by the ultra thin Aurex. Thanks.

Jonathan N.
Italy Italy
It really does wht it promises

now i can enjoy all my CD-HDCD-SACDs with a different and better perspective.

Paul T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Super Black Hole CD mat

In my system (quite high end) the CD mat makes a significant improvement. Soundstage is increased, control and detail improved, especially in the bass and midrange. It’s difficult to articulate the full effect but it is like a layer of grunge has been removed. You don’t realise this until it’s gone! I’ve tried the mat across a reasonable number of discs and the vast majority show significant benefit, only one or two show minor improvement. On some discs, it’s a wow moment. The mat makes CD sound more natural and removes glare, I love it. As a tweak I was initially sceptical but trusted the reviews already on the site, they are not wrong. The Super Black Hole represents fantastic value for money and provides satisfying improvements for minimal cost. I’ve been in this hobby for 40 years so I know a genuine improvement when I hear one. Well done.

Ned W.
United States United States
Super Black Hole CD mat

This was the third successful product that I purchased from Herbies. This mat in my Oppo-205 makes a noticeable improvement- bigger soundstage, better imaging and cleaner sound. Transports can use all the help they can get and this mat does it cheaply. Thanks again Herbie's.

David C.
United States United States
The old green Grungebuster works better in my particular situation.

The old green Grungebuster works better in my particular situation, but only because of the way I tweak my CDs. I put green paint everywhere I can, and this includes an area of about 1.75" diameter surrounding the center hole on the label side of the CD. In most cases, that area is coated or painted, so I scrape that off and then paint the area green This makes for a somewhat uneven surface, and the flexible green Grungebuster adheres to it much better than the stiffer carbon fiber Black Hole, especially since I put a thin coating of anti-static spray on the label side of the CD right before playing it. In this situation, the sound I get using the silicone Grungebuster is more accurate and musical.

Bryon M.
United States United States
Just Wow

OMHFG WOW Significantly improves play on Rega Saturn This is what Rilo Kiley sounded like live. Now I have to listen to hundreds of cds again.

Herbie's Audio Lab Super Black Hole CD Mat Review
Steve S.
United States United States
Super Black Hole CD Mat

Robert, this is my second Super Black. I purchased my 1st over 10 years ago. It is primarily used in my Bada HD-22SE CDP. I never listen to any CD's without it.

John G.
United States United States
Cd mat

Very good product,if you have more items like it please gmail me.

James D.
United States United States
Super Black Hole is the best mat I've tried

This was a replacement for my first, which I used for about five years. They need to be cleaned occasionally, but don't use anything more sticky than cellophane tape to remove the particles that cling to the silicone or you can damage it, which is what happened to me. After having used it for so long, however, I found I really appreciated the sonic benefits, so had to have another. Backgrounds are quieter, music has more sparkle and air. Everything is just more present and resolved. Not a HUGE difference, mind you, but certainly noticeable and hey, it's a small investment, one of the smallest you'll ever make for noticeable improvement. I'd say give it a shot and you'll likely be very happy.

Greg J.
United States United States
CD mat thoughts

Took the time to listen to many CDs in my collection with the mat. It is a welcome addition for the most part. There can be a rubbing or mechanical spinning noise on some CDs that no matter what position the mat is placed on the CD. My equipment is a Marantz CD6006 / drawer type. (My system is in an adjacent room) from my speakers, so noise is not audible from the listening spot.

Ken S.
United States United States
About a week

It seemed to improve the SQ but before I could actually compare it came loose and my drawer type player ate the adhesive layer off of it. Bye bye.

Patrick B.
United States United States
Best CD Mat I Have Ever Tried

Have used the Marigo Signature, Gien [all carbon graphite], SID, Grungebuster and that really old green one [whose name escapes me] that would become florescent after exposure to light. The Super Black Hole is the best, bringing an ease, dimensionality and depth of musicality to cd playback that is readily discernible. Herbie's SBH has made an already great transport [the Cambridge CXC] noticeably better. Bravo!