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Binding Post Washers (set of 4) - Herbie's Audio Lab
Binding Post Washers (set of 4) - Herbie's Audio Lab

Binding Post Washers (set of 4)

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Smooths out harsh micro-vibrations; partially decouples nut from signal path, allowing a more-direct signal path. Restricting the musical signal from wandering all around the nut or tightening mechanism allows a potential reduction of passive signal intermodulation and phase distortions. Washers have a slight compliance or "give" to them, greatly reducing the risk of stripping brass or copper threads; provides a generally "tighter" yet expansive musical result. Though sonic benefit is subtle and difficult to pin down in A/B auditions, Binding Post Washers tend to help deliver a less-fatiquing yet lively prolonged listening session. For 1/4" or 5/16" posts. Washer is very firm, slightly flexible, .062" thick.

Spade: Hand-shaped dielectric fiber washers snap into place laterally, between spade and tightening nut of 5-way binding posts.

Donut: Donut-shaped dielectric fiber washer slips over straight stud-type binding post for use between spade or bare wire and tightening nut.