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Grungebuster Washers

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Round grungebuster washers in a variety of sizes for audio and electronic applications, for decoupling and vibration control. Same silicone-based formula as our highly regarded grungebusterDots and Damping Sheets. Withstands continuous temperature up to 400° F (204° C). Washers are individually hand-punched, so may not be perfectly concentric.

Note: tightening a nut directly against a grungebuster washer will grab and pinch the material. Use a PTFE washer, nylon washer or metal washer between nut and grungebusterwasher.

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Vibration Solution

For those of you who think vibration doesn't affect your gear, I can state that it does in my system, in a basic and visible way. I recently added the thin Grunge Buster washers and PTFE washers to my Mapleshade rack, which, frankly, has been nothing but problems. The brass lock-rings that support/hold the shelves on the vertical threaded rods routinely loosen as I play music over the course of 2-3 weeks. This seems to me to be from vibration moving through the rack, over time (unless one asserts it's just gravity, which alone seems unlikely to me). I have to move a few things to get in there to tighten them up, which has become a routine bother. I even considered teflon tape and blue thread-lock. After only a year(!), it occurred to me I could add the thin Grunge Buster washers with the hard PTFE washers to prevent crushing/bunching, and cinch the rings down to prevent vibration from slowly loosening the assembly. Problem solved. In fact, I have used a number of HAL products to compensate for quality issues with the Mapleshade rack and plinths, which are NOT flat. Well, one out of five was, to be fair. By adding strips of dbNeutralizer under speakers and shelves, I have been able to avoid purchasing a new, "professionally" made rack. Herbies products: big help. That other guy's: make me an offer!

Mark S.
United States