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Baby Booties Review Archive

I put 4 baby booties under my MacBook Pro today. Best $18.36 I ever spent. As the saying goes, "the sonic improvements are not subtle"...

Baby booties are tiny, but they're a lot better than Isonodes (and anything else I've tried) for smaller components. I use them under all my power supplies and my DAC. Gives better presence and slam, better clarity, and better bass. Just like the Tenderfoots that I've been using for a long time now, they don't have a sonic "signature" that I can detect. My advice to anyone looking for low-cost footers: definitely try the Herbie's footers.
Gary Bishop, Cincinnati, Ohio

Destined for the Linn Lingo power supply, I can’t say that my expectations for the Baby Booties were especially high ... but the transformation was pretty jaw-dropping! I could spend a paragraph listing the improvements in detail, but it wouldn’t tell you any more than a two-word observation from my listening notes – 'better everything!' Seriously, if there’s anywhere in your set-up that you can utilize these, just do it.
Andy Fawcett, Merrimac, Australia

The Baby Booties have added even more clarity to an already excellent DAC that I built from a kit.
John in NC

I'm pleasantly surprised by the effect that sticking 4 baby booties underneath my headphone amp has made. The dynamics have improved and music reproduction sounds more visceral and holographic. I've placed them under other small components too with a similar result.
Andrew Smith, King's Lynn, U.K.

I've put Baby Booties under my power outlet. Wow, I never tought that they could make such a difference! My congratulations for your excellent audio products!
Stefano Amico, Livorno, Italy

I received the baby booties yesterday and when I opened the package I initially thought you forgot to include the booties. Then I saw the small packet and found four tiny round translucent discs. I thought you have got to be kidding. Are these tiny discs really going to work? I purchased these to go under my RAM modified Samsung sacd player which is (as weight goes) a pretty light player. Well I went ahead and replaced the Mapleshade iso blocks with the booties and was immediately impressed with how completely stable the player became on the equipment rack. A + so far. I loaded the first cd, hit play and WOW! I couldn't believe it, the bass not more of it, but tighter and more well defined, the treble and mid range were crystal clean, no more grain. It was though I could see further in to the recording venue. This was with cd after cd. What more can I say? I am thrilled with the level of improvement these booties have made in my system. I'm keeping them and plan on ordering more. (bigger footers for heavier equipment) Considering my experience with the baby booties, I can highly recommend them.
William Negele, Boise, Idaho

All the Isonodes in my main system except those placed under my isolation transformer have been replaced by Baby Booties. Under my Motorola digital CATV terminal, the Baby Booties absolutely slay the Isonodes. The now even lower noise floor is so-o-o nice. Leading edges are now without grain and very smooth without sounding softened. The bass is tighter, the imaging far more complex and layered, and the soundstage presentation is very relaxed and natural. Tenderfoot feet under my Acurus direct-input amplifier way outperformed the mushy-sounding Isonodes as well. A big improvement.
Duster, Bellingham, Washington

The baby booties went onto a small headphone amp that is my bedroom system and gave me two surprises. First their size, which was much smaller than I expected, and then the result which was much better than I expected for feet that small. I liked the results a lot.
David Aiken, Parkinson, Australia

The Baby Booties completely blew me away -- I couldn't believe the impact they had in my system. They were particularly exceptional under the Musical Fidelity X-SERIES Components (X-Can2 Headphone Amplifier and the X10-D Tube Line Stage). Some of the improvements were an increase in bass definition and tightness. Better instrument definition.
Wayne Reid, Norcross, Georgia

I was recently forced by lack of appropriate cabling to stack my Bel Canto DAC-1 on top of an MSB Digital Director, with a Bright Star Little Rock 5 in between. Both the DAC and Little Rock sit on Baby Booties. Although this was an emergency measure (I would normally never stack components), it sounds so good that I'm afraid to change anything, a fact I blame in large part on the Baby Booties. Thanks a lot!
Glen Zorn, Seattle, Washington

The booties and tenderfeet worked great for me! Amazing (ss headphone amp, Bel Canto DAC2, PSU). The improvement was quite marked -- better instrument separation and focus, better timing, less harshness in vocals.
Alec Fu, London, United Kingdom

Adding Baby Booties under homemade isolation platforms helped pull together a number of half-baked virtues in my system into a pleasing overall character.
Steve Luntz, Oakland, California

After placing MiniDots under the Ultimate Outlet and Baby Booties under the Grado preamp, I could not believe the increased detail in my music. There seems to be more space and air around each instrument and a greater sense of depth. My speakers are another step closer to becoming invisible.
Glenn Cosentino, New Jersey

With Herbies Baby Booties on the Merlin Bam, I heard an expanded soundstage, both in depth and width. Most significantly was an increase in resolution and image definition. The sound just got more clear and clean. The images were clearly outlined and separated. I won't say the bass got any deeper, but it certainly was soooo much better defined. The tonality also seemed a bit more natural and 'right'. Voices had a firmer finese. Instruments were more coherent and balanced. Dynamics a little sharper. Ok, we are not talking about night and day changes here, but the improvements were quite dramatic.
Norm Handwerger, Maryland

The Baby Booties are working well with my DAC, its power supply, my Musical Fidelity tube buffer and Oppo 970 DVD player. The Baby Booties added some additional detail and definition to my system.
Benjamin Yee, Fremont, California

The Baby Booties are great as are all of the products I've purchased from you.
Robert Browne, Santa Monica, California

I put them under a Blue Circle PLC Thingee FX2 (6 hubbell outlets in round PVC tube filled with silicone). Despite there being 3lbs of silicone surrounding the innards of my PLC, the baby booties still made a difference. Improved soundstage and clarity, and tighter deeper bass. I'm still shaking my head ...
William Bedford, Calgary, Canada

The Baby Booties under my power distributor has made a substantial difference in cleaning up the grunge I didn't think I have. The Booties didn't look like it could do much, but again I was mistaken. I am now an addict to all your products.
Adjie Adhiningrat, Indonesia

I tried the baby booties under my little Winsome Labs Mouse amp (it is very small, weighs probably under a pound). My intended use for them is under a dvd player in my wife's system that we also use for a cd player in that system (Oppo DV971). I prefer the sound of the amp with the baby booties. Seems to take a bit of an edge off (Diana Krall's voice, to be specific); just sounds more natural. Just for the heck of it, I put the isonodes under the amp, and in comparison to the baby booties, the isonodes removed the edge also, but seemed to have removed some of the overall clarity. I actually prefer the amp with its own feet than with the isonodes. But the baby booties sound best.
Stewart Glick, New York

I was able to use the small Baby Booties under my center channel speaker. And it, too, made a difference. Dialogue is noticeable cleaner sounding - and has a 'richer' sound to it, as well.
Brent Tuthill, North Carolina

I just tried the Baby Booties on my new stereo preamp. I had been using Baby Booties on my phono preamp from the start. In my A/B/A/B test, I got the desired result. This was interesting to me not so much in itself, since I have been using Baby Booties and Tenderfeet with great success, but because the stereo preamp already benefitted from UltraSonics. In other words, though I was actually concerned about over-damping in this application, I didn't know whether the addition of Baby Booties would matter. Well it did, and though the difference was subtle it was very noticeable and I smiled when I heard it. This was a big win -- thank you.
KS, California