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SuperSonic Stabilizer Review Archive

I find the SuperSonic Stabilizer is not a product for the unadventurous audio coach potato. Just like RFI and vibration components the Shakti Stones, the placement of the SuperSonic Stabilizer is crucial to attain the true benefits from it. Misplacement will cause over damping, sounding dull and lifeless on your audio equipment. I am sure the Stabilizers ideal placement will be different from equipment depending on what's under the hood of the chassis. To use it properly I have to move the Stabilizers on the chassis to find the ideal spot. It will indeed sound very differently at each location and your personal bias of what you like will come into play. But using it correctly the Stabilizers emanates properties of a live music event. The improvements in subtleties are at the edge of each musical note with clean clarity and superb focus. The singers like Diana Krall, Ella, Patricia Barber, etc. have gone through a speech articulation class in all my records. Every word can be identified clearly, with breath, with expressive detail intensity, or like singing next to you. The decay of tailing musical notes just lingers on instruments without being masked. The reduction of RFI by the SuperSonic Stabilizers is a mind opening experience. The removal of the hidden electronic haze has created the natural experience of hearing music without equipment. The increase spacing silence allows the multiple instruments to exhibit its personal unique dimensional body of ambiance. There is a sculpture physical presence of voice and instrument space. You can hear the different resonating "wood" characteristics of the dueling acoustic guitars. Even tiny chats from the audience in live nightclubs recordings are exposed distinctively. During experimentation I find putting my old Harmonix RS66 isolation disc on top the Stabilizers is very magical. It added holographic openness and addition details from the silent background. Morgan Hew, Studio City, California

This comment is long overdue. I have literally tried everything to kill chassis resonances but your s.s. stabilizers are the only things that kill resonances without adding any apparent colorations. Music comes through unscathed, free of the added crap that people normally associate as "HiFi." Amazing.
Robert D., Germantown, TN

Substituting two Stabilizers for six Eichmann Toppers on my preamp gave a slightly tighter bass and improved transient definition – at a much lower overall cost. I also tried a Stabilizer on my Meridian CD player – to my protest that it already bore what the manufacturer describes as a 'non-resonant' glass lid ... The Stabilizer’s presence does nothing for the player’s refined aesthetic, so I was really hoping that it wouldn’t work – but it did, improving bass coherence and overall definition.
Andy Fawcett, Merrimac, Australia

Just wanted to let you know the big dots, iso-cups, grungebuster and top weight have transformed my system into a sonic delight. As soon as 'she who must be obeyed' gets over it, I'll be ordering some more (may take a little while)
Lynn Kelley, Bella Vista, Arizona

For the first hour or two, I didn't think they did a thing. Perhaps that was because I didn't know what to listen for. Once I started hearing their effect, I couldn't stop noticing their effect. Depending on where these Stabilizers were placed on my CD player (using two stacked) would make dramatic differences. Some spots would start sounding overdamped, others the bass would get muddy, and still others would have little effect. It took me a while to figure out that very incremental movements of the Stabilizers would effect the sound and finding the best spot for the most recordings took a lot of time (still not sure I've got it best yet, but good enough for now). Hard to describe what it does, but it does smooth the highs and make them more palatable. Provides better image/instrument separation and everything sounds clearer. Removing them is now unthinkable; I hear a loss of refinement when I take them off so now these Stabilizers have become a necessity rather than a mere tweak. I also tried mass loading by placing a weight on top of the Stabilizers. I didn't care for that at all. Killed the dynamics and just made the overall sound unlively. I don't know how these things work, but they do. Truly amazing.
Norm Handwerger, Baltimore, Maryland

The Stabilizers work really great; I have them on my DAC and transport. They met and exceeded my expectations. They are quite an improvement and an improvement over the grungebuster damping sheets previously used.
Michael Anda, North Dakota

The Stabilizers went on top of my DCS P8i SACD player, mass loaded with some 500 g brass weights. The mids and highs are very slightly smoother sounding. No change noted in the lower octaves, but for the price I'm very happy with the results.
Michael Shover, Westminster, Colorado

Adding supersonic stabilizers to the top of the cd player and amplifier refined the sound even further. The stabilizers give a ridiculous amount of value for the price.
Tim Kmetz, Bloomington, Illinois

The two SuperSonic Stabilizers are sitting on top of my phono stage which itself rests on three Iso-Cups w/Lampblack Balls. Very nice combination – cleaned up a bit of "fuzz" on the vocals and gave a "cleaner" overall presentation. My analog rig is my largest investment and my baby – digital is for convenience and practicality – not everything comes on an LP!
Brent Feorene, Lakewood, Ohio

Very pleased so far with your tube dampers and the iso-cups/balls and stabilizers. The system definately sounds more controlled and natural. A big thanks!
Martin Jeeves, United Kingdom

I am extremely happy with the stabilizers. I believe that the rattling top plate of my Sugden A21a integrated was generating resonances that were corrupting the music signal. As soon as I tried the stabilizers (presently the two are stacked but I will experiment further) there was a noticeable improvement in detail and overall musical lucidity. My wife put it best when, unprompted, she said that the system sounded better and more mellow. Obviously the rattling top plate had been adding a harshness to the music.
Neil Gowlland, Geneva, Switzerland

Using the stabilizers throughout the system produces a subtle but repeatable improvement -- rather the way very fine sandpaper makes wood feel smooth until you go over it with extra-fine. Thanks for your help.
Allan Shapiro, Potomac, Maine

I just got these things yesterday, and spent a few hours working with them. Initial results are quite impressive. I didn’t notice a tremendous increase in detail, but what there was, was definitely audible. What was most striking, though, was a removing of sonic "fuzz" around vocals. My Oppo 970 is out for upgrades, so I’m using a stock Pioneer DV-563A as a stopgap. When the Stabilizers were placed atop the player, vocals became much clearer and more stable in the soundstage. Actually, I couldn’t believe the level of improvement. FWIW, I slightly preferred the two Stabilizers stacked in the center of the player, rather than placed laterally. So, basically, these things work as advertised—and, for the price, are a great deal. They’ve replaced a 25lb. bag of lead shot and two Walker lead weights.

These Stabilizers really work. Thanks!
Anthony Landry, Houston, Texas

Just a note to thank you for the Stabelizers. They do everything you say they will, and more! After only three days of use on my cdp, I already know I can't imagine my system without them. I must ask: is the effect as profound when used on preamps or power amps? (Self-answered later after an order of four more Stabilizers): "I have already installed them and can only comment, "Oh, this is how my system is supposed to sound: wonderful!" Added: I don't have to tell you how remakable the stabilizers are. Since you designed them, you already know. However, I have discovered something you might (or might not) find surprising or interesting. I have found that placing a Cardas Myrtlewood block on top of a stacked pair of the Stabilizers has an extraordinary and beautiful effect on the sound, especially with regard to enhancing hall ambience and the reality of the image. Since the blocks are very light, the marked effect isn't consequent to increased mass. I don't know why it works, but now that I've heard it, I sure wouldn't want to do without it!
George Stewart, Santa Rosa, California

Many thanks. Your products are really efficient. The Sonic Stabilizer tighten the bass, make the music more clean and natural. Notes have more relief. I am very happy with them.
Simon Dery, Asnieres Sur Seine, France

2 Stabilizers on the amp definitely seems to take away some brightness and glare. Quite amazing. $25 Stabilizers help a $3000 amp which is supposedly built like a tank.
Andrew C., Rose Bay, Australia