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Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider - Herbie's Audio Lab
Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider - Herbie's Audio Lab
Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider - Herbie's Audio Lab

Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider

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Loudspeaker spikes are more effective when used in conjunction with Herbie's dBNeutralizer decoupling, especially with wood or suspended floors, whether carpeted or bare. Likewise, if your spikes couple firmly to your cabinet and are themselves solid and relatively free of coloration, they will complement Herbie's Decoupling Gliders very well by easing some of the workload and making the Gliders even more efficient. (Herbie's Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders are used under your present spikes or cones.)

Features fiberglass-reinforced dBNeutralizer(tm) decoupling base and extra-thick brass, stainless steel or titanium disk. Fitted into Magic Sliders, they can be used on virtually any kind of floor, bare or carpeted, with easy-sliding mobility. Extra-deep conical indentation prevents spike from slipping out when lateral pressure is applied. Suitable for audio racks, stands and loudspeakers of virtually any weight.

Regular: 1-3/8" diameter by 1/2" tall. With speaker load, height from bottom of Glider to bottom of conical indentation is about 5/16" (8mm).

Giant: 2-3/8" wide by .67" tall (conical indentation is .144" deep).

Brass: superb hi-end results with most audio systems (our default recommendation).

Stainless steel: superb hi-end results with most audio systems.

Titanium: best-looking and best-sounding results possible.

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Steven F.
United States United States

These gliders are awesome!

Now I can move my speakers around to get proper imaging in way less time without risking damaging my hardwood floors. Infinitely better than the dime-sized tiny sliders that came with my speakers. They even look much better.

Eric G.
United States United States

Spike Decoupling Gliders

If your main listening room is on a suspended wooden floor then you probably already know how important component & speaker isolation is to reproducing accurate sound. I had been searching for something to put under my Klipsch rp-280f towers for a while and nothing I tried was really cutting it. Went through many types of feet, felt pads, even vibrapods but the soundstage always seemed cluttered and bass not so clear. So I decided to try a set of the copper decoupling gliders mated to the original speaker spikes that came with the Klipsches - Wow! An immediate improvement in all areas of the sound. Soundstage cleared right up, bass much tighter, and little nuances of the music are now coming through that previously got lost in the mix. An added plus is they do glide smoothly for easy positioning. Don’t wait, just get ‘em!

Willie M.
United States United States

Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider

I installed six of these underneath my legacy focus speakers. I was not ready for what I heard. What I heard was incredible sound, tight focused, slam, speed, naturalness, musical presence, bass power with definition and agility above the reference level I thought I was already achieving. The isolation devices isolated the energy produced by the 6 12” woofers and the 4 7” mid bass drivers in the speakers system which cleaned up the sound and greatly reduced vibration energy transmission into components, floors and walls of the room! A must have for anyone who uses cones and spikes on their system components already.

Willie M. verified customer review of Cone/Spike Decoupling GliderWillie M. verified customer review of Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider
A Herbie's Audio Lab Customer
Juan C.
United States United States

Herbie's Audio Lab Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider a Hit!

I am very pleased with the set of Herbie's Audio Lab Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders! It's much easier to move my Usher Mini Dancer Two DMD speakers around the room. Previously, when I used the nickel cone/spike protectors that came with my speakers, to move them, the spikes kept popping out of the dimples in the pucks (thank God I the floor I was moving it on was in our basement, which uses vinyl faux hardwood flooring, and not the hardwood floors of our living room! upstairs). With these pucks, that's not an issue. Thank you, Herbie's!

Peter H.
Canada Canada

Timely with good quality

Quick delivery of a great product

William A.
United States United States

Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider

So happy with your product that I’ve made 2 more additional purchases.

David S.
United States United States

Excellent Product

I am using the Decoupling Gliders with my Monitor Audio Silver 10 speakers for now, until I receive Salk Song3's that are being built for me. The sound is clearer and tighter...and protects the hardwood floor, making it easier to move and adjust the speakers. The Gliders were packed well and shipped quickly.

Kent D.
United States United States

Delivered As Advertised

A small but truly important addition to my stereo system. The spike decoupling gliders worked to isolate my speakers from the wood floor, and this changed the system's sound characteristics in the room. Brightness was toned down, and the stage presence was improved. The sound field is more pleasant for me to listen to, and I would say the music is more physically present and emotionally affecting. Someone else may want the brightness back, but I like the change very much.

Alex G.
Canada Canada

Great Product

I live in a condo with some of the worst room acoustics you could ask for - large windows, small area, wood floors etc.. The spikes and fat dots have made an enormous difference and have allowed me to dial in the bass like I always knew my speakers could produce. Very happy with the product. If only I could replace the floor to ceiling windows now ..

Karl d.
United States United States

Giant spike decoupling

I have been using the normal sized stainless steel decoupling gliders underneath my Vandersteen Quatro speakers for years. These speakers are on suspended hardwood floors. The chande to the giant spike decoupling gliders noticeably improved the bass definition and natural sound qualities in the system. They work great!

Robert D.
United States United States

Great Problem Solver

I purchased a set of eight Decoupling Gliders to facilitate positioning of a new pair of speakers on my ceramic tile floor. Since I have never heard these speakers without the Gliders, I can't say how the sound was affected. However, these little Gliders are beautifully made and do exactly what is claimed. The speakers are very easy to move, making small adjustments to the speaker position trivial. They even glide smoothly over the wide grout lines. Highly recommended.

Geoff M.
United States United States

Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders

This product was recommended to me by one of the most respected experts on setting up one’s own system in one’s own room. I placed them beneath the custom stands (four couplers per stand) Sonus faber made for their Concerto Home speakers. I believe these speakers have been out of production for some time but still have an excellent reputation among those who have heard them. Without exaggeration I can say my system has never sounded better. I can single out two specific improvements. 1. The bass is locked in, in a way I have never heard before on my system. I have tested this with a number of acoustic jazz recordings with which I am very familiar. The bass notes have never sounded as clear or as tangible as the sound of individual strings being plucked, when that is what the bassist is doing. The sound of arco playing is also more distinct. 2. The sound stage is better defined. Not bad for an investment of less than $150! Honestly I haven’t been this impressed in a single upgrade to my system in a very long time — if ever.