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Fat Grounding Base - Herbie's Audio Lab

Fat Grounding Base

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Titanium disc with broad depression allows use with rounded feet as well as conventional cones. Great for heavy turntables, amplifiers and other components. Extra-thick dBNeutralizer pad provides grounding for vibration drainage. Works as a two-way decoupling barrier also, preventing vibrations from permeating into the audio rack or floor and subsequently reverberating back to the component or to other components, and vice-versa.

For use on virtually any kind of shelf, platform, stand, bare or thinly carpeted floor. Fat Grounding Base does not mar or smudge. Suitable for components of virtually any weight.

1.57" wide by .375" tall (40mm x 9.5mm).

Bottom of base to bottom of disc depression: .315" (8mm).

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Walt F.
United States
I recommend this product

Fat grounding base

Great quality, look good also. Can feel the difference after placing under my cabinet. Happy with the purchase.

Lee M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Giant Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders for my rack

Titanium disc version. These beautifully-made bases support the 6 legs of my Modulum rack on a hardwood floor and added just the right amount of isolation. Pace and rhythm are at least as good as before and tonal balance hasn’t changed, but the already low noise floor has further improved giving music even higher resolution and greater refinement. Very satisfied.

Herbie's Audio Lab Fat Grounding Base Review
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fat Grounding Base

Herbie’s Audio Lab is fantastic. Robert went out of his way to help customize the Fat Grounding bases in order to fit my turntable. I’ve purchased numerous component isolation bases and loudspeaker cone decoupling gliders from Herbie over the years and highly recommend his products!

Tom G.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Effective isolation for the equipment rack

Have 3 of these under my equipment rack. It’s tubular steel and filled with steel shot, so there is some mass to it. I have a carpeted wood floor with a crawl space underneath. I’d always thought the rack should be anchored to the floor, but tried these pucks and was rewarded with increased space between instruments/vocals, significant reduction of an edge I’d been getting on the high end and an overall sweeter sound. They are keepers. Speakers and sub remain on spikes into the floor.

Edward F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fat grounding base dics.

Have a PASS LAB AMP in a wood cabinet with speakers on either side. YES! the cabinet had those "GOOD VIBRATIONS." B.B's it caused some smearing in the lower requester instruments such as a Double Base. "Now no more." ED

Grant S.
Canada Canada

Fat Grounding Base - Excellent!!

I am very pleased with the Fat Grounding Base (8) that I purchased. Excellent quality and quick shipping to Canada. I will be ordering additional products from Herbie's Audio Lab.

Calvin W.
United States United States

Gets The Job Done!

I've used the Herbie cone/spike pucks under my speakers for years and very satisfied with their quality and sonic result. I recently bought a used Kuzma Ref 2 turntable, 88 pounds of analog love. It has a main chassis which rests on 3 built in large shallow triangle shaped feet. The main chassis holds two motors and has four spring/silicone suspension towers on which the sub chassis rests. I purchased the Fat Grounding bases for use under the three main chassis feet. Performance improvement mainly in tightening up the bass articulation and improving the soundstage. Love these products and one should never underestimate the improvement they can bring to one's system.

Herbie's Audio Lab Fat Grounding Base Review
Thomas M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Much more for far less

My audio rack is very heavy, made of maple and brass. The addition of grunge washers, fat grounding bases and tenderfeet under the components has made a night and day difference. Everything sounds better and the center channel on fat dots and the decoupling spike and grounding base has made dialogue from movies and television MUCH clearer and nuances like the room acoustics the actors are in are noticeable,i.e. if there is echo in the room then it is heard over the speaker now whereas before the sound(s) weren't even there. Give these products a try they will surprise you. ( In a GOOD way ).

Arthur M.
United States

fat grounding base

I put the Fat Grounding Base discs under a Mapleshade rack, which was already very solid but wobbled a tiny bit on its rounded feet and the turntable still suffered occasional disturbance from careless footsteps. With the discs, the rack is impermeable to external vibration. You can hear the difference. Thanks, Herbie.

Mark S.
United States

Fat Grounding Base

I recently added these bases to my system rack and I think they do a fine job preventing vibration up the food chain back to my components. I wasn't deeply concerned before I added a new REL sub, but that device adds a lot of pressure and vibration to the room. Actually, I use a few Herbie's products to control vibration, which I think degrades the sound quality that reaches my ears. I'm not really a "it's pretty cheap so try it" person. I'm more of a "does it work" person. I do some research and consider each application; I have cheap solutions and expensive solutions. That said, who doesn't like an affordable improvement? These bases work great.

Herbie's Audio Lab Fat Grounding Base Review
Switzerland Switzerland
I recommend this product

Great product, glueing might be improved?

This is a great product that works as described, and that I'd buy again, but of out of eight that I bought, one's cup came off the rubber interior the first time I touched it. Didn't re-glue as I don't know what type of glue to use, and because of the weight of my subwoofer, there's no way it'll come off.