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Herbie's MedicinBall

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Because Herbie's 1-7/8" MedicinBall doesn't squish with weight load, only three or four balls are needed for component support and can effectively replace a more numerous array of softer rubber balls. This in-house-developed hard silicone superbly absorbs micro-vibrations while preventing the transfer of vibrations from the component to shelf and vice-versa.

DIY Sandbox Decoupling: Imbed three or more MedicinBalls in a sandbox, then place a platform or component directly on the balls.

MedicinBall is a superb same-size upgrade replacement for Gingko blue or green rubber balls and recommended for components weighing from 5 to 500 pounds. Because the silicone-based formulation does not deteriorate with age as rubber balls do, these balls will last virtually forever and always remain fully functional.