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Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab
Iso-Cup Ball Only - Herbie's Audio Lab

Iso-Cup Ball Only

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**Iso-Cups discontinued, balls still available for existing owners


All balls are 1" in diameter, except Macassar Ebony, which is 7/8" in diameter. Iso-Cup not included.

Gabon ebony tends to deliver its most profound effects in the upper mids, bringing out the best tonal qualities, great extension of note decay and smooth harmonics, while at the same time maintaining rapid definition of detail and dynamics. Gabon ebony is not particularly strong in the lower mids/bass, but has very deep linear extension going very low into the sub frequency range.

Frosted acrylic delivers deep, punctual bass, plenty of punch and dynamics with intricate detail, neutral tone/timbre, superb high-frequency extension, and well-delineated soundstage. When paired with Frosted Clear Iso-Cups, sound is similar to Lampblack balls with black Iso-Cups, being very sonically neutral and overall balanced.

Deep Moss Quartz is extremely faithful to tonal character. Although not super-fast, it has adequate microdynamic speed to present all the musical energy and nuance of a live performance. With a powerful and well-rounded bottom end, it's ideal for any system not overly bright but perhaps a bit "thin" at the bottom.

Picture Jasper: By delivering a sharply-defined and uncluttered mid/lower midrange, this gemstone tends to open up, lighten up, and improve systems that are a bit "dark" or sullen. Deeply extended, linear bass. Beautiful tone/timbre.

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Keith M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Love to try more herbies products

Bought a selection of the iso cup balls to try in their cups All have a slightly different sound. The description on the website of each ball is quite accurate. I’ve tried many footers, mostly diy, herbies are the ones that stay in my system I will be trying their other products I’m in the uk and delivery was super quick but will need to have a larger order due to uk customs to make it worthwhile My verdict. Herbies rock !

Francis B.
France France
I recommend this product

Hi, I bought these balls because I have the supports. Too bad to have stopped their marketing, they are excellent Regards, francis

Tim L.
United States United States

Quick and Prompt

My order of iso acoustic balls arrived within a couple days of ordering. I haven’t had time to insert them into the system but the communication and ease of ordering is enough to prompt me to do business again. Thank you

David L.
United States United States

I would not be without them

These things make a difference in clarity with my CD player and I would not be without them. I'm using an alternative cup to hold them - would like to try the isocups but they are so expensive to get eight, which is what I need. This is a great isolation solution - however you do it.

Stephen A.
United States United States

Another great Herbie's product for your Audio System "Hygiene"

Hi, Robert! I'm definitely enjoying the overall gains in Noisefloor performance in the music I listen to. I'm using 3 Picture Sapphire Balls under my CD Transport & 3 Quartz Balls under my DAC. I listen to wide dynamic contrast music so it's important that no frequency response range isn't handled evenly. I'm loving things so far , Thanks,Steve

United States United States

Great Upgrade for turntable isolation

My Lenco idler turntable was rumbling - tied this, tried that - come to find out it was caused by my subwoffer shaking the table - put some of the isocups under then leno and presto - rumble gone! great item

Zachary S.
United States

Cognitive Dissonance

Quite simply put; Using different materials in the Iso-Cup Balls should not make such a difference in the sound that they allow your system to produce. But, it does, clearly and audibly. They are a great way to fine tune your system, and instead of spending hundreds or even thousands changing your components, you can for under $20 play around to your heart's content. Highly Recommended