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SuperSonic Record Stabilizer

SuperSonic Record Stabilizer

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A molded and hand-machined non-magnetic composite of fluorocarbons and metallic particles formulated for use with Herbie's turntable mats to enhance overall turntable performance. Stabilizer is not a clamp or conventional record weight – it's designed to add a moderate amount of virtual mass to the record without clamping.

Recommended for all turntables using a Way Excellent II Turntable Mat, especially turntables with delicate suspension like Linn LP12. For turntables with adjustable suspension, adjust suspension to optimize performance with Stabilizer).

Dimensions (each): 2-7/8" (73mm) diameter, 1/2" (12.7mm) tall. Weight: 163.5 grams (5.8 oz.)

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Kurt R. verified customer review of SuperSonic Record Stabilizer

Super Improvement

My setup consists of Technics 1200 TT, Nagaoka MP-200 cart, Conrad Johnson tube pre and power amps and Klipsch speakers, and I only listen to vinyl. I was using a cork mat and clamp and felt my my system sounded a little too bright. The Herbie’s puck and mat made a huge improvement: extended low end and super full sounding now. I feel like I’m finally getting that Conrad Johnson “caramel” tube sound. I’m really happy and highly recommend Herbie’s puck and mat combo. Thank you.

Kurt R.
United States

SuperSonic Record Stabilizer

Easy on, easy off, works well with unwarped records (for slightly warped ones I still need my record clamp). It lets the record lay perfectly on the Way Excellent Mat. Thank You.

Roy B.
United States United States

Good but needs some work..

Brings subtle improvement when used with Herbie's mat even with perfectly flat records. However it is very slippery and you have to make a conscious effort and keep your fingers wet to avoid dropping it. I had to cover its side with sticky Velcro to make it more comfortable to handle. I would also prefer its color to be either pure white or black, if possible at all.

Vladimir Y.
United States

Makes a difference,

More music. Less noise. Blacker background. This is the most recent addition of Herbies products to my system. Like the others, it makes a big difficult for a small price. My only concern is dropping it, since all sides are smooth. I make a point to flip my hand over when moving it

Patrick G.
United States

Herbie's Super Sonic Record Stabilizer

I purchased this record stabilizer together with the Way Excellent II 2mm turntable mat to improve the quality of the sound coming from my Rega Planar 3 turntable. The record stabilizer was selected as opposed to a standard metallic weight based on the recommendation on Herbie's Audio Lab's website, as a companion to the Way Excellent II mat. The stabilizer with the mat enabled the music to sound clearer and with a bit deeper bass. Just to ensure that I did hear an improvement, I removed the stabilizer and replayed a track on the record, then I played it again, this time with the stabilizer applied. Yes, with keen listening, I could hear that the music sounded fuller, clearer and with deeper bass. This stabilizer works as designed to help keep the record firmly pressed against the mat and platter, thus reducing opportunities for unwanted vibrations which tend to negatively impact the sound by dampening the quality of the music and introducing noise. I gladly recommend the use of this stabilizer to stabilize records, especially if the records are slightly warped. Otherwise, just use it to improve the overall quality of the sound coming from your turntable. You won't be disappointed.

Adrian S.
United States