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Baby Bootie - Herbie's Audio Lab
Baby Bootie - Herbie's Audio Lab
Baby Bootie - Herbie's Audio Lab

Baby Bootie

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These soft, tiny feet provide unsurpassed isolation for compact components weighing from four ounces to about ten pounds. The same specialized silicone-based material that Soft Fat Dots are made of, does not mar or mark surfaces.

Baby Bootie: 1/2" diameter by .250" tall (12.7mm x 6.35mm).

Big Baby Bootie: 3/4" diameter by .250" tall (20mm x 6.35mm).

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William S.
United States United States
Baby Booties review on Topping D50S DAC

If you have a smallish high resolution DAC and a fairly resolving system and room(or better), buy these to replace the feet on your DAC ! This was not a double blind test, it wasn't even a single blind test. The only balancing factor was one judge was hoping the Baby Booties would make an improvement (me) and one judge was fairly certain they fell in the "snake oil" category (my brother), so we had opposite bias going in. We listened to HDTracks and CDs. We listened to Rock, Blues and Jazz for a weekend. All tracks that we were very familiar with, on a system that we were both very familiar with. We both agreed that the system was noticeably more musical with the Baby Booties installed on the DAC. The room is largish but pretty well treated ~19' x 23' x 9' The stereo is pretty basic. Wharfdale Diamond 225 speakers. Raspberry Pi 4 music server with an Allo Digione transport. Onkyo reciever and CD changer. Blue jeans cables. Furman power conditioning. P.S. One year later we added tenderfeet to the receiver and CD changer, however, either Onkyo already uses pretty good feet, or this system just is not resolving enough for us to detect that improvement...

Paul B.
United States United States
The missing piece of the puzzle

I'm using a quartet of Large Baby Booties to support a BPT Pure Power Center that's seated on the equipment rack and find that they enable all components plugged into the PPC to perform with that much more clarity. I'd used another brand of similarly sized footers (three-quarters of an inch wide) but they imparted too much coloration.The larger-size Baby Booties are ideal for this application.

Stephen L.
United States United States

I've been purchasing a multitude of Herbie's products for many years and I have found use for them with many pieces of equipment that I own and/or have owned. The quality is great and the service and shipping is super. For the money, these products can't be beat.

Tom M.
United States United States
Baby Booties

With adhesive. These work well!

Edmond P.
United States United States
VPI motor isolation

Works great for my VPI prime scout motor. I noticed some noise from the motor and a physical vibration. After installing these, both of noise and vibration stopped.

Herbie's Audio Lab Baby Bootie Review
david r.
United States United States
baby booties

they work just great highly recomment......

Nick L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Herbies isolation package

The products are really excellent. And such a great price. Unfortunately due to the greed of internal customers, they charged me more than the products did. Might I suggest not putting the value of the goods for all to see. ...but great products

Hubert k.
Netherlands Netherlands
Combine orders?

Poor customer service. Asked for combine orders jest placed a few seconds after each other. No response at all. Record mat is not satisfying. Pure sorbothane suits us better.

Really impressed!

Put 4 Baby Booties each on Shiit Bifrost MB and Shiit Jotunheim driving Sennheiser HD800S. Wow! I was really impressed, since it lifted the sound up one more step. Looks like good value for money, given that such a small investment can actually bring a noticeable improvement.

Stephen V.
1rst go with Herbie's stuff

Poked 4 Baby Booties under my Schiit Saga pre amplifier, got everything all warmed up, hit play for some King Crimson, and straightaway started arguing with myself: "Those little rubber thingus's can't have made that much difference, it must be in my head.' "No, it is better, man. You know it's true." "Hold up, maybe some kinda psycho-acoustic trick? I want them to be good so bad that I think they are?" "So shut up and listen, already." Then the music took over, for a while. Wow Very glad I tried these. Now to see what Herbie can do about isolating my speakers.

Adam R.
United States
The best

I've wanted to try Herbie's footers for some time. I finally ran out of the sorbathane sample pieces I had from my last "day job", so this was my opportunity to jump in. I use the Baby Booties under an Oppo 980 DVD/CD/SACD layer. The Herbie's product is everything they say they it is. The machine is now audibly quieter, yet well supported, and I am very satisfied.

Tim D.
United Kingdom
Iso Cups and Baby Booties

Both are excellent products and a real bargain for the gains in performance. Particularly recommended are the Iso-Cups. I've found previous 'high end' isolation devices (specifically the aluminium/steel) to be harsh and edgy, but the Iso-Cups (at 1/10th of the price) retained the tone, texture and rhythm of my system but brought a major increase in clarity, details and bass performance. Excellent products, thank you!