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SuperSonic Stabilizer - Single
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SuperSonic Stabilizer

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SuperSonic Stabilizer is a fluorocarbon and metallic composite for use on top of components to increase overall efficiency of compliant isolation feet like Herbie's Tenderfeet and Iso-Cups. Not a mass-loading weight, components are stabilized similarly to resting your palm gently on top of a component, reducing upper-chassis vibration considerably. A strategic, non-magnetic blend of ferrous and non-ferrous particles helps to weaken and disperse RFI and other electromagnetic interference. A thin decoupling layer of black elastomer on the bottom protects component surfaces and prevents the Stabilizer from sliding.

We recommend two Stabilizers for most audio and video components. They can be stacked together or spaced separately on the component. For smaller components like some DACs, power supplies, and small CD players, one Stabilizer will do. (Additional weight can be placed on your Stabilizer if you like (e.g., lead fishing weights, sand bag, decorative objects); the Stabilizer will decouple your component from the added weight while still transferring more virtual mass to the component.)

SuperSonic Stabilizer is also effective on top of amplifier transformers, on rack shelves, as a base under component feet, and other vibration control applications.

Dimensions (each): 2-7/8" (73mm) diameter, 1/2" (12.7mm) tall. Weight: 167.4 grams (5.9 oz.)

Heat-resistant to 500º F (260º C).